Tricks For Longer Lasting Sex

When it comes to sexual matters, there are several ways used by sexual partners to ensure that their partners get the required sexual pleasure. One of these methods involves a man staying up-to-task for the longest time possible without his d**k shrinking, or making an early ejaculation, during a sex session. For some people, staying in this condition comes naturally. However, for most people, they need to consciously manage this condition by applying different sex tricks. With the experience escorts have, it may be difficult for men to stay on top of the game for quite long, especially if the escort wants them to cum early. For men, staying for long before Cumming could mean enjoying the sexual pleasure for a prolonged period. It could also mean spending less money on escorts in a sex session; some escorts charge their clients according to the number of shots made.

Changing sex styles and positions

When engaging in sexual activity, male clients can prolong their sex session by regularly changing the sex position or style. For instance, the partners can begin their sex session in missionary sex position. This style involves a man being on top of an escort with their bellies facing each other. After doing a continuous sex action and the man feels that he’s come close to ejaculation, he signals the escort to shift from the current position to maybe “doggy style”. During the transitioning period (from missionary to doggy style), the man’s urge to ejaculate comes down thus allowing him more time to enjoy the pleasure before ejaculating.

Applying ejaculation delay tactics

Ejaculation comes because of the build-up of excitement caused by the non-stop sex action. The delay tactic seeks to interfere with the continuous in-and-out penis motion. With this trick to work in favor of a man, he needs to understand the different stages he’s in during sex. To distract his mind a bit as he nears the ejaculation stage, he can pause a little. During the pause, the man needs to keep the escort engaged by doing something that indicates that he’s enjoying the sex session, including whispering sweet words into her ears, kissing her passionately, and so on, before resuming.

Using a latex condom
Male clients can ensure that they stay longer before ejaculating by using a latex condom during a sexual intercourse with an escort. The condom helps to lower the sensitivity of the penis’ sensory glands, thus increasing the time taken to get fully excited.

Mental preparation

When dating an escort, male clients need to view them (escorts) as fellow human beings who also need to enjoy sex, besides earning money out of it. They (men) need to prepare to enjoy sex together with the escorts. When this mental preparation happens, the man is required to moderate his sexual intercourse speed while focusing on him and his escort getting the sexual pleasure. This alone can enable the man to last longer before ejaculating.

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