Do the guys that we date at Soho escorts ask us questions about London?

I never thought this would happen, but in general I would say that guys who have some extra time in London, do ask us what you can see and do in London.  Well I guess that you can’t spend all of your time dating Soho escorts. I have lived in London all of my life so I know it like the back of my hand.


If a guy ask me what he can do, I always ask a question in return. Would he like to explore further adult pleasures in London or would he like to see something like a couple of tourists sites? You may think that I am mad, but apart from my work at Soho escorts, I am really passionate about London. Within easy reach of each other, there are some great things to see and do in London.


Most of the guys have by that time had their fill of adult London and would like to experience something different. Sure, they have enjoyed dating Soho escorts at, but I know that there are other things that men may like to do in and around London. If you are a solo male visitor to London, you may want to check out the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. It is one of my favorite places to visit. While you are there, you may even want to walk through the park, or have a day playing golf at Shooter’s Hill golf course. It is only a 9 hole golf course but it is one of the best courses in the immediate London area.


A lot of girls at Soho escorts would perhaps recommend an organised boat trip on the Thames, but that would not be me. It is a well guarded secret but you can in fact hitch a ride on working bargers in London. Don’t worry, like I said it is a closely guarded secret as barge captains are not supposed to take passengers. But the next time you are in London, look me up up and I will arrange for a personal barge tour. It is totally amazing and you will find barge captains know a lot about the history of London.


What about trying your hand at mud larking in London? I know that it is a strange expression, but when I have a day off from Soho escorts I do like to do a bit of larking myself. If I have the time, I will personally take you mud larking. It has nothing to do with rolling in the mud. Instead you get a chance to walk along the Thames shoreline to see what you can find. I found all sorts of ancient stuff. You don’t get to keep the stuff, but at least it is a genuine London experience.


There are also a couple of restaurants you don’t want to miss out. If you never had a genuine afternoon tea, and enjoy your food, I think that you should check out Fortnum and Mason. Yes, there are other places in London to have afternoon tea, but I think this is the best place. Some of the guys I have met at Soho escorts have also heard about pie and mash. Unfortunately, proper pie and mash shops are hard to find in London these days, but there is still one going at Elephant and Castle. It is delicious and if you would like try the real deal that is the place to go.


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